You need a bank loan but are disturbed between the two forms is that mortgage loans and credit lenders accept? Below are the necessary knowledge to help you choose the appropriate form for its loans.
1. What are mortgage loans, credit card loans accept? 
-Mortgage loans: loan products Is secured by the property (e.g. the red numbers, the property is the base material, housing). This property is still considered the “Lifesaver” for the Bank, in case the customer does not pay the debt. 

-Trust Loans: loan product is that borrowers can receive the desired loan amount without having to mortgage the property or any of the conditions of guarantee.

2. The nature of trust loans and mortgage loans.
-Mortgage loans:

This type of loan products has guaranteed the Bank’s traditional, need collateral and guarantee papers on collateral. Lower interest rate loan trust and time to process the transaction.

-Trust Loans:

In trust loans, the loan does not need any mortgage a property, can use the money just to make the planning work was available, borrowers with conventional forms of trust mainly personal consumption loan , customers need only pay a modest monthly contribution during the loan. Song, besides, the slide in the price of copper money from time to time lenders also make initial loan value “value” in the future.

Some advantages of this trust loan forms including as: 

-Trust loan program currently most very convenient and fast. Only days 2-3 days (depending on the area) the customer has received the right amount of disbursed loans from 10 to 300 million without having to mortgage the property.

-Be disbursed immediately funds based on the papers as payroll, labor contracts, insurance contracts … in a short time.

-Easy to own small loans and pay all monthly. The Bank is based on your salary limit to loans.

-Do not need a mortgage, don’t need the company guarantee, no fee service.

However there are advantages then surely will survive the downside that is easy to appear bad debt because borrowers don’t have to mortgage the property nor need guarantor, so many potential risks so that the interest rate will be higher than the package other loans.

When the customer just debt expired, the high will likely not be supported making loans, as this is not a mortgage lending program so the credibility is put on top and the Bank very strict review. The essence of trust is not in need of loan collateral, but interest rates are typically proportional to the level of risk of the loan.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of credit loans and mortgage loans
-Advantages of mortgage loans:

+ The biggest advantage of low-interest mortgage loans

+ Mortgage loans are usually much larger than the trust loans

-The downside of mortgage loans:

+ Longer disbursement period, from 7 to 10 working days

+ More procedures

+ Customer property

-Trust loans advantages:

+ The first advantage or is also important for non-mortgage loans is, customers would also be able to join

+ Quick disbursement period

+ No cumbersome procedures

-Cons trust loans:

The only downside of loans + credit accept that is of interest. With conventional borrowers, the interest rates are often much higher than mortgage loans to property

4. Choose mortgage loans or credit loan mortgage?
No tips would be absolutely in all cases, depending on the needs the loan as well as the condition of your debt with the Bank that the choice of the suitable loan forms. The current regular form of trust loans apply for these loans have large capital needs and collateral mortgages whose value is equivalent to the amount of capital needed loans. Reverse trust forms often solve urgent needs with less capital and in shorter time.

-Mortgage loans: customers wishing to borrow large amounts for long periods to serve stores the properties such as the home, land, vehicles … in this case the collateral (mortgage) possibly the property that the client stores or the additional collateral as the Red Book, red book. The loan period for mortgage loans are usually very long, buy car loans up to 8 years and the home ground of up to 25 years.

-Credit Loans accept: client join trust loan usually to solve the needs of consumer, shopping, leisure and family (household equipment, shopping, wedding, built this page, ….). Borrowed time depending on the regulation of banks and other credit organizations, most of them are from 12-48 months.

In summary, each loan forms exist the pros cons, to select proper loan form you should weigh carefully based on the needs of yourself, your repayment ability and should consult carefully the information when deciding on loans.

In case you have questions about the procedure of loans or those disturbed in the process of choosing the form of a loan.


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