The maid brought home to home mortgage the Bank travels

Advantage is the time, the couple had the signature impersonation of the Dyke family home together we do contract mortgage the House to borrow 4 billion.
On 2/12, the investigating police agency (Ho Chi Minh City police) has completed the investigation conclusions, recommendations VKSND HCM prosecute Nguyen Huu Vinh (age 30, District 4), Naik Mistakes (53 years, Ben Tre province), Zhang Van Dyke (my husband Alive , age 57, of Bến Tre province) about fraud seized the property. 

Involved in the case, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan (56 years, former notary notary number 2 of HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM) been recommended prosecution on charges of Lack of responsibility causing serious consequences.

The House of 49 sugar 1107, Pham the Hien (ward 5, district 8) owned by husband and wife he World Group Two accused and set. Dike is the maid in the House he founded, Ms. Huong from the year 1996 to the year 2011.

In the middle of the year 2012, Vinh impersonation of his son Establish contact offices in 10 counties of the prosperous Vietnam commercial joint stock Bank (VP Bank) asked loan procedures. Next, the honor called for the two Topics and Alive impersonating the couple he Formed sign credit contract, contract of mortgage of land use right and property affixed to the land, along with other relevant documents.

Based on that, the Bank VP Bank for husband and wife he borrowed 4 billion, collateral is the house number 49. The amount seized was, accused Honor enjoyed near 3.6 billion and for the Mistakes more than 400 million.

The scam was made in part because finalist trót Lan is not done properly and fully the provisions of the certified mortgage party: not for self read mortgage contract; not explain rights and duties, the legal consequences arise after signing the contract; do not ask for clarification on identity; don’t compare photos in the Passport to the person who made the actual evidence; not reconciled his signature in the passport with the signature of the dyke impersonation he set up at the text in the certified record.

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