The procedure of the Red Book, home mortgage loan land banking Agribank

Mortgage loans Bank for agriculture and rural development of Vietnam Agribank is the majority of the lenders selected by this prestigious Bank, perennial, ensure and moderate interest rates. The first step to be able to borrow the loan capital is needed to prepare the loan procedure. So to mortgage loans home ground at Bank Agribank you need to prepare?

In the form of bank loans, the form of mortgage loans are loans options clients more than trust loan forms. Why is that? Compared to the form of mortgage loans while the borrowers to mortgage his property but in return they will be preferential interest loans over time, high limit. For credit loan forms, however, borrowers are not property but in return they are loans with varying interest rate small loans is not high. In the Bank of agriculture and rural development of Vietnam preferential Agribank mortgage loans: Bank loans, business loans, home loans or land purchase page …
Just have the collateral the client can long-term mortgage loans corresponding to the asset guarantee papers, maximum loan limit is 75% of the property value. Conditions for the customers who do the Red Book, home mortgage loan land banking Agribank to be Bank loans Agribank is not too complicated: Vietnam citizenship clients are in working age, have stable income over 3 million per month , at the time of the loan does not have bad debt at banks and are in the scope of the Bank’s Agribank. Just meet all the above conditions you can mortgage loans.
Loan limit:
At present with the inherent loan collateral in Ho Chi Minh City.
Bank loans services Agriculture introduction to customer loan demand. The loan limit that we can support you in the quickest time and simplest procedure is:
For personal customers: 
+ Maximum loan limit is 20 billion 
+ Time browsing profiles is 7 days from receipt
+ Chief browser directly at branches
For business customers:
+ Maximum loan limit is 50 billion 
+ Time browsing profiles 10 days from receipt of
+ Chief browser directly at branches
Record lending:
All records have the collateral is the House or land are the loan is in addition to some special profile as:
+ Profile has the collateral is 1 part whole couple in planning:
-Planning reveal about
-Planned Green Park
-Planning of public works
-.. …
+ Profile problem about CIC credit information of the State Bank.
The procedure of the Red Book, home mortgage loan land banking Agribank include what?
After having to qualify for mortgage loans at the Bank, the borrower should prepare Agribank and loan procedures.

Bank mortgage loans procedures Agribank include:
-Legal papers:
+ People’s ID: apparently not more than 15 years
+ Permanent residence, permanent resident registration certificate
+ Registration certificate or permanent residence
-Proof of the owner of the property (the Red Book, red book or purchase contract). The customer should give the relevant papers to prove they are the owner of the corresponding property in the said to the Bank to loan base.
-Proof of income:
Source of income from Salaries:
+ Labor contracts
+ Payroll or bills water in 3 months, with sales income or business personnel is 6 months. This is also the condition to demonstrate the borrower have stable sources of income and the cost of living is steadily.
Revenue from business:
+ Business license: households, businesses
+ Invoice input, output
+ Economic contract
-Paper proposal are bank loans Bank’s Agribank note is the papers from the sale of securities or shares will not be accepted. If you have any questions please contact directly with our Loan Services will support customers 24/24 h.
Proof of the purpose of the loan 
Depending on the purpose of the loan need to supplement the various papers.
+ Consumer purposes: purchase agreement, Bill of sale,
+ The purpose of building this page Home: building permits-construction contracts, home page, lists of materials.
+ The purpose of buying a home: purchase, sale House certificate
In additional borrowing profile. You additionally not enough or is not having the proper documents then please contact the service bank loans. We will support you so that you can borrow are funds that you want
LOCATION: mortgage loans procedures red book, the land bank of Agribank we will to to advise customers.

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