Will announce the project real estate mortgage bank more widely?

Not only has the Hanoi or Tp.HCM announced a list of REAL ESTATE projects are in mortgage banking, which projects in the provinces all over the country also will announce in the coming time.

It is the opinion of TS. Nguyen Xuan North-industry Credit Manager and building-Service State Bank credit. According to the current North not only the Department of natural resources and the environment in which the Department announced, Tp.HCM environmental resources Hanoi also has announced. In the coming time, the disclosure should take place across the country. So will more popular and nothing extraordinary. Accordingly, people will also receive more timely information.

According to Mr. Pham Ngoc Lien, Director of the land registry office of HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM (belong to the Department of natural resources-environment) said a few months ago to have the project’s events at Harmona Tan Binh was the Bank the BANK is demanding that the text sent to secure the debt. When the incident occurred, he was handling the Affairs of cities in order to protect the rights of home buyers and other stakeholders, then report the PEOPLE’S COMMITTEE of HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM to not occur similar Harmona stories.

When exposed to the condo Board home buyers said there is very little information when buying a home, primarily access to information from the owner. The buyers also want information but don’t know where to find out.

Therefore, the Department of natural resources-environment in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM see love’s home buyers are asking transparency information. In fact, in late July, the Department has announced a list of 77 construction projects in the city due to the project owner or the individual, organization, home buying in project sign the mortgage assets attached to land formation in the future in the land registry office in the city. This list is updated to the date 8/6/2016.

Mr. Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of the REAL ESTATE Association of HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM, is that all the property transactions must be done according to the law on REAL ESTATE business, but when they have salads of transactions by type as capital contribution in investment, cooperation.

So the loophole is the case get the deposit up to 30-40%. The condition is to have the mortgage but the project currently has the project has not yet approved the basic design, no building permit but still seeking funding and they have mortgages, but the list of recently announced without the project.

“I’m coming to publish timely information right at the project management office’s project and published in real time. Property owner form in the future to the eligible recipient Bank’s collateral agreed and home buyers agree. The owner has the mortgage projects must be understood is the normal and not have the problem, “Mr. Zhu said.

However, according to the economic expert Nguyen Hieu Decor, the banks announced the information is very good but the fact the credit organization very strict defined passages this. Most of the banks are not allowed to announce who is the stand-out mortgage, mortgage loan, or to guarantee a debt for a person is not available, only to be revealed is the bank lender would stand out get the mortgage. The Bank must secure information to its customers.

“The issue here is how that information to the pharmacy with the people. The information need to be updated each hour, every second because the transaction takes place constantly “, TS. Hiew said.

He Tastes the proposal to have two places, it is the local people’s Committee and the Office of the notary. However, the two ports are difficult to reach people. Some customers of the Bank to the Bank, thanks to some lucky Bank find information thanks to private relations only. Great parts people are difficult to contact the two gateway. The Agency has the information and they are available to provide information to the public.

On this issue, he said more business regulation Law to publish information. Business on the floor, the pressure required by regulation of the business listed more than businesses not yet on the floor. Although in the REAL ESTATE business law stipulates the obligation to provide information is required, but the State Agency should also have participated. By the present the obligation to provide information still more passive is active, while the needs of people who need to make massive information. But the initiative provides information that is published each inadequacies separated too far.

According to Mr Chow, should the direction of State bodies to participate in information disclosure. Because, the disclosure of information is the type of public service, State agencies should stand out the publication information, not to the business publication because they just announced some of the information in their favor. We need a governing body overseeing the disclosure of information to the market is more transparent.

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